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The 2019 Springfield Sportsmen’s Show

The Springfield Sportsmen's Show is undisputedly the largest “pure” sportsmen’s show in the Northeast! This outstanding sporting event takes place on February 22-24, 2019 at the Eastern States Exposition in West Springfield, Massachusetts. The show includes the best of hunting, fishing, boating and adventure recreation.   If it's the outdoor world, you'll find it right here at the 36th annual Springfield Sportsmen's Show!


Reserve your booth space at the 2019 Springfield Sportsmen’s Show!  Now is the time to download your contract and get it in. 

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All of the information below is from the 2018 Springfield Sportsmen’s Show


Dick Scorzafava The aisles will be filled with everything you need to enhance your sportsmen's lifestyle.  We have a great line up this year packed with everything to make your next adventure in the outdoors a success.  It’s all down at the show along with your favorite hunting and fishing speakers.  Just take a look at some of the great folks you’ll get to see at this year’s show:

Radical Hunter Dick Scorzafava

World renowned big game hunter and TV star, Dick Scorzafava is back to present his well known Radical Hunting Success Seminar, sign books for his many fans and of course giveaway thousands of dollars worth of hunting gear in Dick’s Big Gear Giveaway!

Dick Scorzafava is “The Radical Hunter.”  Known throughout the industry as an expert in the field, Dick has three books to his name, Radial Bowhunter,  Radical Bear Hunter, and Spies in the Deer Woods!” 
Door Prize

Enter to Win!

The Springfield Sportsmen's Show is Proud to team up with Cabela's to bring you this Great Door Prize!

'Tougher than an Angry Bear and Proven to Keep Ice Frozen for up to Twelve Days!'

Win this Polar Cap Equalizer 60 Qt. Cooler, made in USA. from our good friends at East Hartford Cabela's. It is a maximum insulation-to-weight ratio that provides a hefty amount of foam insulation without adding excessive weight. There are so many high-tech features that make it the perfect cooler for your next adventure!

Get Your Sign-Up Form Here! Fill it out and bring it with you to the show and drop it at the Ticket Booth when you purchase your entry ticket.  Don't forget to thank the Cabela's Team at their display at the show!

Dave Pickering


David Pickering

We are excited to have the “Carp King,” Dave Pickering with us at the show.  Dave is the go to expert when it comes to carp fishing.

Most fishermen have no idea that huge carp of 20, 30 and even 40 lbs. are swimming around in many of the lakes and rivers of southern New England in good numbers just waiting to be caught.  In his seminar, “Targeting Large Carp,” Dave will discuss strategies and various topics related to fishing for trophy carp.

Be sure to catch David Pickering at this year’s show.





‘You asked for more fishing tackle…..
and we tell you ‘We’ve got your fishing stuff this year!

Returning as well as all new fishing tackle vendors not only deliver the goods, but far exceed the amount of fishing displays in recent years!

Fishing reels and rods, hard and soft plastic baits, fishing kayaks with accessories, boats of all types; salt and fresh water at its best. Yup, we’ve got your fishing stuff!’



Bwana Jim


The Bwana Jim’s Wildlife Show

Get ready for Bwana Jim and all of his fascinating wild animals.  Together they will put on a spectacular live show for the whole family to enjoy. 

Kids, you’ll see all of Bwana Jim’s favorite critters in person from alligators to snakes!  In this entertaining program, Bwana Jim will introduce you to an extensive aray of animals and teach you all about how they live in the wild.

The audience will see his many creepy-crawly friends up close as Bwana Jim provides lots of educational information along with a healthy dose of comedy as he handles crocs, snapping turtles,  venomous snakes, and more!

Bwana Jim’s enthusiasm and outrageous wit make it a fun filled show that is packed with a ton of laughs.  It really is the craziest and most educational wildlife show ever seen.  Don’t miss it.

New Seminars

Three Belles Fishing SeminarsAs always, the show will be packed with educational seminars for both the hunting and fishing enthusiast.

This year, we are excited to have Derek Williams and Jose Negron from Three Belles Outfitters with us.

Jose will be presenting, “The Power of Sonar: Catch More Fish from Your Kayak,” on Friday, February 23rd in Seminar Room B at 6PM.

Derek will be in Seminar Room A on Saturday, February 24th at 3PM.  Be sure to attend his seminar: “Catch Monster Striped Bass from a Kayak!

Attend them both and learn how to get more fish in your net and have fun doing it.  Find out more about Three Belles Outfitters.

As we get closer to opening day of the show, keep an eye out for the full seminar list for both hunting and fishing seminars.

Cory de Sousa

Cory de Sousa

You may have seen him on Mathew's Dominant Bucks TV as well as on Whitetail Slam TV. 

Cory de Sousa is the man to watch when it comes to hunting whiletails.  He is being recognized for his many years of experience and impressive success in the woods. 

Stop by his booth and check out his great whitetail display!  It will be quite apparent why this up and coming deer expert is gaining so much attention.  Cory has harvested over 60 whitetail bucks, 3 of which are Boone and Crockett.  He has also achieved a Whitetail Slam and is currently pursuing The Ultimate Whitetail Slam.  With impressive records like these, you’ll want to spend some time at Cory’s booth!

Eric Hannett
Special Guest: Eric Hannett

Stop by the New Hampshire Fish and Game booth and meet CO Eric Hannett from North Woods Law.  This program has brought a lot of attention to hunting and fishing in the state of New Hampshire. 

While you are at the booth, be sure to buy your 2018 New Hampshire fishing and hunting licenses and get expert advice on where to fish and hunt. 

Bring a camera or use your cell phone and get a picture with Conservation Officer Eric Hannett before you go!


Top Brands


Your Next Fishing Boat is Here!

Check out top boat brands and models at this year’s show!

The best Fishing-Machines for best success and fun for your next time on the water.

Boats, Motors, Accessories and Financing!

Catch the 'deal of the year' right here at the Springfield Sportsmen's Show!


Ken Packie


Ken Packie

Wood sculptor, Ken Packie of Berkshire Mountain Sculpture will be in the Stroh Building. 

Come and see the incredible works of art that he can create out of wood with his chainsaw.  This local artist focuses on sculpting with an emphasis on realism. 

If you want to see how it is done, you are in for a treat, because Ken will be carving live down at the show. 

Don’t miss your chance to see this talented artist.



Veterans Affairs


U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs &
The Springfield Vet Center

Representatives from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs will be at the show to meet with military veterans and their family members to assist them with connecting with VA benefits. 



Outreach specialists with the Veterans Health Administration, representing VA medical centers in central and western Massachusetts, as well as the Springfield Vet Center, which offers readjustment counseling for Veterans, will be in attendance.  Eligible Veterans can sign up for VA health care at the show. 


Caskey Mountain Hunting Preserve

Caskey Mountain Hunting Preserve

Big bucks is what you’ll find when you when you book your next hunting trip at the Caskey Mountain Whitetale Deer Hunting Preserve in Richmondville NY.

You’ll find plenty of opportunities to score a record buck on the preserve’s 350+ acre property.

Just take a look at this spectacular buck that was recently harvested.  Easily one of the largest bucks taken by bow. 

The hunting preserve has some of the best quality whitetail bucks in NY, but that is not all, they are also know for monster turkey.  One bird weighed in at 48 lbs!  That’s a lot of turkey dinner!


Bow BrandsBow Hunters take note:

“We have a couple of Archery Exhibitors with Mini-Ranges to try their New Bows!”  It’s a great way to test out new equipment.

This is the perfect time to upgrade your gear.  Come and see all of the latest archery equipment.

It’s a one stop shopping experience for the bow hunter in your family.

It will not be long before you are out in the woods, so take the time now and get everything you’ll need for an exciting hunt this season.


Del Delmastro

Del Delmastro

With years of bow hunting experience under his belt, Del Delmastro has built an extensive repertoire of tips, tricks and techniques on how to take down big game with only a bow. 

This year Del has two special seminars lined up for the avid bow hunter:  "Tips on Archery Tackle" and "How to Maintain a Healthy Deer Herd.”

Come down to the show to learn from this bow hunt pro.



Skip Bryant


Skip Bryant

Do you love catching Trophy Bass?  Bass Pro Skip Bryant does and he‘s here to share his knowledge, techniques, and tips on how to get the lunkers in your net.

Come to the show and meet Skip Bryant in person.  You’ll learn all about the fishing techniques he uses while at his favorite locations on the waters throughout New England.   

Read More about Skip Bryant.



Joe JuddJoe Judd

If you love hunting wild turkey, you’re in for a treat!  Joe Judd, will be presenting one of his incredible turkey hunting seminars down at the show. Joe is an award winning turkey caller who has perfected his craft and has over 35 years of hunting experience to his credit.

This highly regarded expert is a member of the Quaker Boy Pro Staff and he is also a member of the hunting Pro Staff for Alpen Optics.

In 2013, Joe was the recipient of the prestigious Roger Latham Award presented by the National Wild Turkey Federation.  A National Honor, this is the highest commendation given to a volunteer member by the NWTF.   Now is your chance to learn from the wild turkey master!

Geoffrey EnglishGeoffrey English

Come see live hunting dog demonstrations with expert trainer Geoffrey English.

Geoffrey is the founder and editor-in-chief of GundogsOnline.com and Woodland Kennel.  He has titles with numerous dogs from AKC hunting and field events.  He is prolific writer, instructor and handler who has shared his knowledge on National TV shows such as Benelli's American Bird Hunter.  Now is your chance to meet Geoffrey English in person at the Sportsmen’s Show.  

Geoffrey is committed to providing outdoor enthusiasts with the very best information on hunting dogs. Geoffrey and his dogs will be at the Retrieving Pool in the Stroh building.  Geoffrey demonstrates basic skills through advanced field Work with hunting dogs.

Show attendees will learn new skills on how to get the most out of their hunting dogs. Along with Geoffrey and the dogs, you will find many other educational happening throughout the weekend at the show.

Northeast Big Buck Club

The Northeast Big Buck Display

One of the special features of the show is the Big Buck Display.  This is a remarkable display put on by the Northeast Big Buck Club.

The Big Buck Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to  Northeast hunters and outdoorsmen. 

Each year hundreds of volunteers measure trophy bucks from MA, CT, VT, RI, ME, NH, NY and PA.

Come and see their amazing display of trophy winning racks.


Jurie Meyer and Jurie Jr.

Jurie Meyer

We are pleased to have Jurie Meyer of Jurie Meyer Safaris with us at this year’s Sportsmen’s Show.

On the left you can see Jurie and his son after a successful hunt. 

If you have ever considered going on an African Safaris, you’ll want to be sure to attend Jurie’s seminar, “Hunting Dangerous Game in Africa.”  

Going on an African Safaris is a once in a lifetime experience.  Radical Hunter, Dick Scorzafava knows all about big game and enjoyed his time at Jurie Meyer Safaris.  If you want to know more his experience in Africa, ask him at the show.

Special Seminar: 
Map & Compass: Demystifying Declination

CompasJoin Paul Sannicandro of Moose Woods Guide Service as he explains the principles of compass navigation.  In addition, Paul will cover the importance of understanding the difference between magnetic north and true north as well as explaining  the process of setting the declination for your compass.  By the end of his program, you’ll know more about navigating with a compass in the woods.

We all enjoy using GPS, but sometimes service is not available.  To be an expert in the outdoors, one needs to know more than one way to navigate from point A to Point B. Paul has plenty of experience in this department, as he operates a four seasons guide service that provides a wide selection of outdoor activities to folks looking for an adventure in Maine’s great outdoors.  Join Paul Sannicandro in this special seminar and learn the skills you need to safely find your way while enjoying all of the beauty the wilderness has to offer.


Dean Vanier


Dean Vanier

We are pleased to have Dean Vanier with us again.  He will be on hand with his seminars:  Northwoods Common Scents and Calling Whitetail's.

With over 35 years of successful hunting , Dean’s seminars are in high demand.

Are you ready to increase your odds of bagging a whitetail constantly?

Deans presentation will tell you how to make it happen and Video footage of Whitetail bucks in real and mocks scrapes will make you wish you were in the woods and on stand.

Now you can benefit from his extensive knowledge at the Springfield Sportsman's Show.



Deer food plotsMichael Farnham - Food Plots A-Z

Would you like to make your property more attractive to trophy winning deer?  Proper land management begins with their optimal health in mind and that means you need to focus on forage.  Michael Farnham has built his business around this very concept.  He is the owner/operator of More Wildlife, a business located in the green mountains of central VT.  It specializes in everything you need to develop the perfect habitat to draw in lots of whitetail deer.

Not only does Michael have a full line of seeds and fertilizers, but his shop also carries the best trail cameras to watch your food plot day and night and catch all of the action. 

In his in-depth seminar titled, “Food Plots A-Z,” you will learn everything you need to start your own land improvement plan and draw in deer from the surrounding area.


Al Gag

Everyone in the fishing industry is familiar with Al Gag’s now famous lures are called the 'Whip-It Eel" and "Whip-it Fish."

As an avid fisherman himself, Al is always working on new custom lures that can improve not only his performance out on the water, but yours as well.  Al enjoys bringing these products to the fishing community so everyone can have more fun and success out on the water.

His NEW 5oz World Record Striper Company RATTLE head is shown here. 

Randy Flannery

Randy FlanneryIf you love hunting whitetail deer and you are ready to advance your skills in the woods, it’s time to learn from the master guide that has seen and done it all.  Refered to as “Duke of the North Woods.” This renowned tracker of whitetails is a Master Guide in Maine.  Come and see his deer hunting seminar called, “Ultimate Whitetail Stalking and Tracking.”

Tracking and Stalking are the time tested and time honored, tried and true hunting methods the American Indians and pioneers used to successfully and consistently take the largest animals possible! They took a proactive approach to hunting, because they had to put food on the table to feed their families.  By utilizing tracking and stalking techniques, they were able to find the biggest and best animals. 

Now you can learn these techniques and use them on your next hunt.  Registered Master Maine Guide and renowned Tracker/Stalker Randy Flannery will show how to master the skills of aging, sexing, and reading deer tracks.

He will also share, map and compass skills, how and where to find big bucks, how to walk up on big bucks in all conditions, how to react to big bucks when you jump them, how to shoot fast and accurate, and other big woods hunting skills.

These are just a few of the many folks you’ll find down at the Springfield Sportsmen’s Show.  Each year we have a great line up of exhibitors showcasing their products and services for outdoor enthusiasts from all over and this year will be no exception.   Our show hall is filled with a diverse selection of exhibitors that offer everything you’ll need to make the most of your outdoor adventures.

Mark your calendar for February 22-24, 2019. 
The show will be held at the Eastern States Exposition, 1305 Memorial Avenue in West Springfield.
  We’ll see you there!